Cloud Servers / Virtual Servers

Newcastle Connect manages a number of cloud servers (both physical and virtual).

Services we currently manage

  • Voice Switching (multiple vendors)
  • Hosted PABX Software
  • Cloud Routing and Switching (Software defined networking / SDN)
  • Terminal Services / Virtual Desktop
  • SQL Databases
  • Live video distribution & playout
  • VPN Concentrators
  • 4G Bonding
  • Web Hosting / Email
  • Traffic incident alerting
  • Medical databases
  • Radio Station Playout / Audio Distribution (NEW: Started Feb 2020)


Server locations

  • Inside tier-1 ISP data centres for low-latency voice applications
  • LEDC NTL1 Mayfield (Private Racks, Colocation, up to 100gbps connectivity) (New: moved in Feb 2021)
  • Equinix SY4 (physical servers)
  • Equinix SY1 (virtual servers)
  • Newcastle West
  • Cooks Hill
  • New Lambton Heights


Hypervisors in use

Hypervisor used is based on our clients individual requirements / technology already in use.

  • vCloud Director
  • Windows Hyper-V
  • KVM Virtualisation
  • Proxmox




  • Very low latency between servers and the end user.
  • No jitter for voice applications
  • Access to tier-1 carrier’s data centres and vCloud platforms
  • Face to face, over the phone and SMS customer service all at no extra cost
  • Servers spread across multiple autonomous systems for redundancy
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Able to deliver NBN tails, gigabit fibre, gigabit wireless and 10-gigabit fibre direct to offices.
      • Layer 2 point-to-point
      • Layer 2 point-to-multipoint
      • Layer 3 IP-VPN
      • Dark Fibre
      • Fixed wireless (Layer 2 and 3)
      • 3G/4G Private APN (Layer 3)
      • 5G
      • IPSEC/GRE/Wireguard VPN tunnel over all technologies.


  • Able to deliver voice circuits from your virtual server to anywhere in Australia over NBN, 3G/4G, Fibre, fixed wireless, VPN


Need help with Cloud Servers in the Hunter region?

Call us on 02 4929 1050 and we’ll be happy to help.