MDF Jumpering

MDF Jumpering is the connection of a line from the network boundary/MDF to a socket in your end user’s apartment or business premises.

We perform this task for major carriers and ISP’s in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley.

We are highly trusted and we never reveal our company name to your clients. We represent your ISP or IT company and consistently receive positive feedback from end users.

Trusted by Tier-1 ISPs
We are also trusted to carry a swipe-card for 24/7 access to Telstra exchanges. This allows us to confirm sync at the exchange MDF and also perform copper testing at the exchange end of the line which speeds up fault resolution times.

    • We will connect your end user’s phone, ADSL, NBN, fax, alarm or EFTPOS line from your MDF to an existing socket in your premises for a fixed cost.
    • We are Registered Cablers
    • We have 14 years experience
    • We have ABLOY, NMB Key, XYZ Key, MLV Key, TEL Key, NESCA Key to access MDF Rooms.
    • We have Telstra exchange access for ISPs who use our service.
    • We are Network Engineers (CCNA); we can help program your modem if required.
    • We will perform PING and SPEED tests and check traceroutes to ensure your service is to standard.
    • We will run full line tests with our ADSL/VDSL tester.
    • You will be provided with our engineer’s mobile number allowing you to liaise directly via phone or SMS updates.




Need help with MDF Jumpering in the Hunter region?
Call us on 02 4929 1050 and we’ll be happy to help.