Newcastle NBN Technicians

Newcastle Connect engineers are the most experienced VDSL NBN engineers in our region. Our level of expertise and outstanding customer service can not be matched. In a standard callout we are able to analyse all 7 layers of the OSI model (and layer 8) and even analyse the Wi-Fi spectrum to quickly diagnose and rectify FTTN NBN faults.

We perform this work for major ISPs and IT companies in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Hunter areas.

Trusted technicians and advisers
We are highly trusted and we never reveal our company name to your clients; we represent your ISP. A number of ISPs and carriers give us access to their equipment in fibre POPs, data centres and Telstra exchanges (we carry a Telstra exchange swipe card giving us 24 hour access to all NSW exchanges).

  • We will identify and repair a fault between the socket and network boundary.
  • We have Telstra telephone exchange swipe card access enabling us check POI hardware for ISPs.
  • We are Registered¬†Cablers
  • We have 14 Years Experience
  • We hold ABLOY, NMB, XYZ, MLV and TEL Keys to access MDF Rooms.
  • We are Network Engineers; we can help program your modem if required.
  • We are Windows specialists; we can diagnose faults on Windows machines if required.
  • We will perform PING and SPEED tests to ensure your service is to standard.
  • We will run full line tests with our copper tester checking for line noise, crosstalk, high resistance, open legs, DC interference and more.

Need help with fixing NBN FTTN faults?
Call us now on 02 4929 1050 and our team will be happy to help.