SIP Trunks / SIP Trunking

Newcastle Connect’s SIP Trunks are a corporate grade replacement for traditional ISDN lines.

Connect your existing SIP/VoIP PABX via Newcastle Connect to reduce costs and improve reliability and voice quality.

  • Unlimited free calls to standard landlines and mobiles.
  • No dropouts or audio issues
  • Our voice switches are installed within tier-1 telecommunications facilities, and are monitored 24/7 by multiple network operations centres.
  • Delivered direct to your premises via dedicated circuits (Fibre, NBN, 4G, Wireless, EOC/EFM, ADSL).
  • Port numbers from other carriers.
  • Same-day onsite support.
  • Optional IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Optional call queuing.
  • Call recording.
  • Automatic disaster recovery call forward (to mobile or other site).
  • G711a codec
  • IAX2 also available.
  • Can scale from 1 line to thousands
  • Custom call flows included as standard.
  • Ability to add additional standalone phones for remote sites.
  • Ability to instantly launch PABX instances within our network for special applications or larger organisations.
  • Integration with third party APIs via custom scripting.


Need help with SIP Trunks in the Hunter region?

Call us on 02 4929 1050 and we’ll be happy to help.