Voice Platform Changelog

Recent changes and improvements to our telephone / voice platform are listed here.

5th January 2021 – The core voice switch has had a major software upgrade over the holidays improving reliability and functionality.

4rd November 2020 – The routing of international calls have been overhauled and improved. This will considerably increase the call quality and reliability of international calls.

3rd November 2020 – We now offer “click to dial” from Outlook and Chrome. There is no need to manually enter number into the phone. Speak to us about this new feature.

28th July 2020 – Our network team are now available from 6am weekdays.

16th June 2020 – We have identified an issue with clients who use our cordless phone in an environment where it can be dropped on a cement floor. After a number of drops the battery itself can fail and cause the phone to switch off (the cells inside detach from each other).. If you experience this issue we will bring a new set of batteries to your premises and replace them free of charge. You may also purchase rechargeable AAA batteries yourself at Woolworths, Big W or Jaycar. This is an issue with the battery and doesn’t not affect the unit itself.

10th June 2020 – We will now include call centre style queuing with queue position announcements as standard with all phone services at no additional charge. Your callers will regularly hear their position in the queue if you are too busy. Even a small takeaway shop with one phone will never lose a call again. We will slowly roll out this feature to existing clients.

18th November 2019 – Outages are very very rare, however if you have lost internet, Newcastle Connect guarantees a 2 hour response for any outages, in most cases, we arrive at your premises within 30 minutes, 7 days a week. In addition to this, starting from today, NBN can now optionally guarantee a 4 hour response time 24x7x365 if the fault is in the NBN network. You will also receive a direct number to speak to NBN which gives you peace of mind if your business-critical internet connection goes down. Speak to your account manager if you require priority NBN support added to your account. A 4G/5G backup system may also be added to your modem to ensure your internet stays online during an NBN outage.

17th November 2019 – Newcastle Connect supplies an enterprise grade NBN service (NOT residential or small business). As of today, we are allocated a Australian project manager for each and every new customer we take on. This means one person from Newcastle and another from Sydney will work together to ensure your new solution is implemented efficiently and correctly the first time.

21st August 2019 – A client who runs multiple sites has requested that their PA style paging is to work across all their sites. So now, their smaller branches can page the main sites and vice versa. It works very well. Mobile phones are not suitable in their working environment so paging staff at another site improves communications efficiency.

11th August 2019 – The park, pageĀ  and other functions can now be moved to a soft key (keys under screen) which will free up extension buttons. If you want your park key relocated, please send us an email. All new clients will have their park and page keys programmed onto soft keys by default.

24th July 2019 – Our newest phone (GXP2170) is now covered under a 3-year replacement warranty. The phone has proven to be very reliable. There have been no hardware failures in the 30 months we have sold this phone.

6th June 2019 – Changed voicemail to email attachment size to improve audio quality. In today’s NBN and 4G world we can afford to send higher quality voicemail attachments.

5th June 2019 – Added “Whisper” functionality as requested by a client. This allows their doctor to “whisper” to her assistant if she is on a phone call. Only the assistant can hear the whisper and not the far-end caller. Simply press the “Whisper to…” button then press the extension you wish to whisper to. If you are interested in this functionality, please ask your account manager who will add it to your phones.