WIFI Systems

Newcastle Connect are experienced in the deployment and maintenance of WIFI systems for hospitality, education and the corporate sector.

  • We regularly perform WIFI spectrum analysis and careful channel selection to greatly improve the speed of WIFI networks.
  • We re-program existing WIFI networks, in some cases this results in a 50% increase of speeds.
  • Remote up time monitoring of WIFI access points to ensure they are always on the air.
  • Credit card paywall.
  • Integration with third party systems including CCTV, retail scanners, EFTPOS and other based devices.
  • Location tracking using WIFI – track and log the location of visitors and staff at your facility.
  • Wide area networks – link multiple sites using point-to-point WIFI and microwave links.
  • Voucher Systems for hospitality.
  • Smart phone apps for control of your WIFI network.

For more information phone us on 02 4929 1050 or send us an email.